Who We Are

Our consultants are highly experienced, certified and committed to the communities we serve. We are authors, educators, and speakers; board members and board chairs. We belong to (and lead) professional organizations and are thought leaders in fundraising, philanthropy, planning and governance. We subscribe to the International Fundraising Code of Ethics.


Global Associates

Senior Associate

Seoul, Korea

Bekay Ahn

Senior Associate

Toronto, Canada

Roger D. Ali

Senior Associate

Milan, Italy

Simona Biancu


Santa Cruz, CA
& Phoenix, AZ

Penelope Cagney

Thought Partner

Phoenix, AZ

Elizabeth Castillo

Senior Associate

Milan, Italy

Alberto Cuttica

Senior Associate

Auckland, New Zealand

Amanda Crozier

Senior Associate

Chatanooga, TN

D.C. Dreger​

Senior Associate

New York, NY

Hank Goldstein

Senior Associate

Hong Kong

Vincent Law

Senior Associate

Montreal, Canada

Ligia Peña

Senior Associate

Vancouver, Canada

Jon Stettner

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