Alberto Cuttica, Senior Associate

Alberto Cuttica, Senior Associate, is co-founder of ENGAGEDin. He is a Member of ASSIF (Italian Association of Fundraisers) Degree in Arts and Philosophy, Master in Management at Politecnico di Milano, specializing
in fundraising (Institute of Fundraising, UK) and strategic philanthropy (Lang Foundation, Milan).

ENGAGEDin is a European fundraising consultancy headquartered in Italy and a training agency working internationally to support NGOs and universities to develop their fundraising, organizational, communication and storytelling capacities and to scale up their impact through developing effective networks. ENGAGEDin also helps public bodies and companies to create and improve upon their philanthropic and corporate social responsibility strategies. Training is based on the consolidated teaching laboratory approach–integrating real life fundraising practices into theoretical context. Alberto Cuttica and Simona Biancu, who began their careers in university fundraising, are the founders and principals of ENGAGEDin. They conceptualized the consultancy as a form of partnership with their clients. From analysis through to the evaluation of impact, Alberto and Simona have developed a flexible and customized approach. Their expertise and a strong network of partners have made ENGAGEDin a widely recognized fundraising consultancy and training firm specializing in cross border consultancies. He recently published a new book on nonprofit governance, Board in Fila Prima, with his partner Simona Biancu.

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