Strategic Planning &
Organizational Assessment

The Cagney Company can assess your organization and help you to create a solid strategic plan to propel you into the future. We have a wide variety of planning expertise, including strategy creation and strategic planning.

“Over a period of several months Penelope Cagney worked effectively with our Board and senior staff to assess our current situation, engage in frank and constructive discussion about future direction, and develop an ambitious plan which is already moving us closer to realizing our vision. We are confident that the plan will provide an accurate roadmap for the next few years and we feel fortunate to have had Penelope as our strategic planning facilitator. I highly recommend her.”   

Richard Kasper

President and Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix

 “...provided us with an insightful and sensitive assessment of The National Cultural Centre (Cairo Opera House) as well as a useful consultation with American University on our need for arts management education. I recommend her as a highly intelligent, capable and resourceful advisor.”

Nimet Naguib

Consultant and Former Cultural Program Officer, US Embassy, Cairo, Egypt

“…we were extremely lucky to have Penelope as our consultant for strategic and development planning. She went WAY beyond the parameters of the job, was easy to work with, extremely thorough, patient and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again…”

Chris Rhodes

Managing Director, Southwest Shakespeare Company, Mesa, AZ

"The Cagney Company was able to fulfill our strategic needs for determining future growth, increasing impact and diversifying revenue by helping our staff define goals and target funding resources ... staff found Ms. Cagney to be motivational, easy to work with, articulate and communicative. She provided us with the tools needed to move forward in fulfilling our mission. "


CEO, Clay Behavioral Health Center & Institute for Growth and Development

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