“Practically useful, Cagney's research will be of great use to anyone interested in improving nonprofit institutions, deriving the greatest benefit from consultants, and understanding what really goes on inside large organizations."

Christopher McKenna

University Reader in Business History and Strategy at the Said Business School, a Fellow of Brasenose College, and Co-Director of the Global History of Capitalism Project in the Oxford Centre for Global History

"No nonprofit executive should be without a copy of this book on their desk. It represents the end of having to wing it when it comes to managing your investment in a consultant. You, your consultants and the results of your relationships will all be the better for the practical, insightful framework Penelope has put together here. And the scope of it is impressive, covering fundraising, marketing, governance, management and even international consulting. Say goodbye to the confusion that has typically surrounded this whole arena. Should you hire a consultant? You'll know after reading this great contribution to the field. Nothing like it has ever been compiled before."

Dan Pallotta

Author, Uncharitable

"I started consulting to nonprofits back in the 1980's. If only I had this very useful book back then! It is filled with valuable insights and how-tos--a terrific resource for the field."

Beth Kanter

Author, Beth's Blog and Co-Author, The Networked Nonprofit

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