The Cagney Company has extensive global experience with fundraising, planning, and governance in more than 50 countries. In order to amplify their capacity, they have affiliations with highly respected professionals in many parts of the globe. They have also formally joined their capabilities with European expertise, and with those who have achieved considerable success with establishing US-based fundraising operations for those outside North America.

Cross Border Partners is a transnational project established by independent consultancies serving non-governmental organizations worldwide. Based in the US, Canada and Italy, the professionals from Cross Border Partners are highly experienced in fundraising consultation and training. The combination of European and North American approaches to philanthropy makes Cross Border Partners the ideal partner for not-for-profit organizations seeking financial sustainability. All of the team at Cross Border Partners have extensive experience in working with NGOs and INGOs in education, healthcare, arts and culture, and social and animal welfare. This allows for a flexible approach to each situation in order to maximize results. The Partners embrace best practices and proven principals and subscribe to the International Code of Ethics.

The Partners

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.25.32 AMTHE ORAM GROUP, INC., founded in 1940, is headed by Henry (Hank) Goldstein. The firm maintains offices in New York and San Francisco. In addition to its roster of US clients the firm has worked in China, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, Jamaica (BWI), Panama, United Kingdom, India and South Africa–most often assisting clients in establishing, maintaining or enhancing US affiliates.


ENGAGEDin is a European fundraising consultancy headquartered in Italy and a training agency working internationally to support NGOs and universities to develop their fundraising, organizational, communication and storytelling capacities and to scale up their impact through developing effective networks. ENGAGEDin also helps public bodies and companies to create and improve upon their philanthropic and corporate social responsibility strategies. Training is based on the consolidated teaching laboratory approach–integrating real life fundraising practices into theoretical context. Alberto Cuttica and Simona Biancu, who began their careers in university fundraising, are the founders and principals of ENGAGEDin. They conceptualized the consultancy as a form of partnership with their clients. From analysis through to the evaluation of impact, Alberto and Simona have developed a flexible and customized approach. Their expertise and a strong network of partners have made ENGAGEDin a widely recognized fundraising consultancy and training firm specializing in cross border consultancies.

Award-winning Pixel Palette Inc is a Film Production Company founded in 2004 by director and producer Vikram Dasgupta. They provide Documentary, Film and Video production services from conception to actualization, with whatever means the subject demands. Pixel Palette act as a creative boutique and collaborates with clients and artists to instrument storytelling across multiple platforms. Their expertise ranges from live-action to motion design & from animation to visual effects. Their primary goal is to humanize organizations, artists and individuals by telling their stories and making them more accessible to a wider audience. Among their nonprofit clients are Dogma (India), Reel/World Film Festival, Plan Canada, Canadian Centre of Ethics in Sports, Canada National Ballet and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. A sampling of their work in arts and culture:

International Clients